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Artist Gallery for Hamburg Artworks, Herderstrasse 5, 22085 Hamburg, 040 229 29 350

 Meike Kohls Alsterpanorama
Art print on streched canvas, from 18 x 36 cm,...

HAMBURG – My Beauty

Unikats und Originals

Impressionen and maritime art from Northern Germany painted and printed by Hamburg artist Meike Kohls. Artworks, originals, screenprints, collages on canvas, inox, metall sheets, wood or paper to buy directly from the art studio of Meike Kohls. Different views and themes of Hamburg, e.g.: historical warehouses, ships, Landungs­brücken, harbour, container­terminals, sailing boats and the big lake in the city - the Alster. Artworks in different sizes and techniques in shades of gray or color you can view in the artist's Gallery room in Hamburg Uhlenhorst. Hamburg Unikats

Art Prints on canvas and other Prints

Meike Kohls offers canvas prints of different city parts, port, ships, cranes, Alster - the city lake, industrial sites and panoramic views. Please note, the sizes of Hamburg Prints can only made bigger, when you multiply the measurements of hights and widths with the same factor, otherwise it will be squessed or cut off.

Example for Print Sizes

normal size 18 x 22 cm x 1,8 cm panoramic size prints 18 x 36 cm x 1,8 cm. All small sizes are always in stock.

Bigger sizes only to order, e.g.:: 60 x 75 cm, 75x 90, 90 x 110
panoramic prints
32 x 64 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 90 x 180 cm.
Whatever size you wish is possible. Every print is always individual and customised and therefore bespoke.

 Meike Kohls Dock 3
NEU! Dock 3
art print on streched canvas, ab 18 x 22 cm

More art to differnt themes at my website

Opening hours

I am working in my studio. Come to visit my studio, every Wednesday 3 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., or by appointment. Tel 040 229 29 350, Address


The artist studio of Meike Kohls offers creative workshops for painting, drawing and screen printing. More information Workshops